my skincare tour.

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Come with me and take a peek into my skincare journey. Learn more about some of my favorite products that helped me to feel beautiful in my own skin for the first time in years.

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What does skincare mean to me?

For me, my skincare routine is a sign of peace, both in the morning and in the evening. In the morning, it wakes me up and prepares my skin for the day, signifying a time of peace and comfort before taking on the day. Above all else, it is a reminder that perfect skin isn't everything, but what is most important is feeling beautiful from the inside.

in the morning.

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Why is skincare important to me?

I end my night by spending some time on self care. The last few minutes before going to bed are spent prepping my skin so that it can repair overnight, as well as a peaceful reflection of my day. I think it's important to reserve some time of your day in order to take care of yourself and well-being.

in the night.

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Krave Beauty: Kale-Lahu-yAHA

To get smooth skin, I use a chemical exfoliant. Exfoliating the skin gets gets rid of old, dry skin - making my skin feel brand new.

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Son&Park: Beauty Water

Much like the name suggests, this toner helps to create beautiful skin. It has never failed to make my skin feel supple, hydrated, and beautiful.

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COSRX: Snail Mucin Power Essence

I've been using this serum for around 5 years. It was one of the first products during my skincare journey and will continue to be a staple.

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Blume: Meltdown Acne Oil

This face oil truly helped to transform my skin and my confidence. All it takes is a single drop to do its magic.

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Tretinoin 0.05% Cream

As someone who has tried almost every topical medication for acne, this one is the one that changed the game for me. I currently get my prescription from my dermotologist.

in between.

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The Face Shop: Rice Water Cleanser

After a long day of wearing makeup, I love using this oil cleanser. It leaves my skin clean and soft so that I can prep it for repair overnight.

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Innisfree: Green Tea Serum

I find that this serum provides a nice and smooth base before makeup application, while also making my skin feel plump and glowy.

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Cetaphil: Gentle Skin Cleanser

I use this cleanser everyday in the shower to wash my face for years. I love it because it does the job without making my skin feel dry.

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COSRX: Pimple Patch

Acne patches are lifesavers when it comes to treating pimples. Overnight, it helps reduce the appearance of a pimple, making me feel more confident in the morning.